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Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Three Youngsters Incarcerated Over Robbery With Aggravation

On Sunday March 31, 2019, at Bonga Town, Wilkinson Road three clique boys Ibrahim Kargbo, Ibrahim Kamara and Alusine Yambasu, accused of conspiring with other person unknown to commit robbery with aggravation, were sent on remand on Tuesday May 21, 2019, by Magistrate Hannah Bonnie, presiding the Magistrate Court No.1.

The three accused were arraigned on eleven counts charge including conspiracy, robbery with aggravation, wounding with intent to murder, wounding with intent, wounding and assault occasioning to actual bodily harm.

It was also alleged that the accused on the same day and at the same place wounded Samuel Lebbie with intent to murder him.

The fifth prosecution witness, Francis Cortu recognized the accused. He recalled March 3, 2019, when he was at his house with the complainant, the third accused came and call Malcolm (complainant) asking him why must he hold on to a blue handkerchief, and “if he does not know that they should not hold on to blue handkerchief at ‘Gully State’”.

He said after the third accused Alusine Yambasu confronted the complainant, he called on the first accused and they came. When they came they met the complainant still holding on to the blue handkerchief, and they tried to remove him outside but they could not.

Cortu said the first accused was holding a stout bottle which he heaved at the complainant and wounded him on his ear with blood oozing out.

He said while Malcolm was trying to remove the first accused outside, another member of the clique named Ten Floor came. He said the accused took bottle and threw it on them which hit one of their friends called Abass who was in the room.

According to the witness, the first accused Ibrahim Kargbo vandalized the house, and on their way going they met Samuel Lebbie making a phone call to inform his aunt about the incident. He said the accused rushed at Lebbie, threatening him to give them his money.

He said another member of the group called Sinneh removed a knife and stabbed Lebbie on his right side, and another called Cartel hit him with a chair, and the first accused also stabbed him with a knife on his neck.

He said after the other accused had left, the first accused was still at the crime scene throwing stones and using threatening languages on them while they were trying to take the victim to the hospital.

The witness said after theytook the victim to the hospital, he made a statement at the Lumley Police Station.

The matter was prosecuted by A.S.P I.S Mansaray, was adjourned to Wednesday May 29, 2019.

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