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Wednesday, 22 May 2019

WAFA Warns Organisers of Mini Leagues

Acting Secretary General Benjamin Gordon
Secretary General of the Western Area Football Association, Benjamin Gordon has told Salone Mirror News that certain organizers of mini league in the country are allowing registered Premier League and division one players to take part in their mini-league competitions. He said that those who will be found wanting will be suspended from organizing football competitions throughout the western area municipality. 

Mr. Gordon said that the action of those organizers is unprofessional and will kill the standards and values of the Premier League and the WAFA Division League.

He registered players playing top leagues are being trained to be responsible in all their undertakings, as long as football is concerned.

“Registered players must not be encouraged to take part in any non-division league competition,” He said.

“We are very serious about this drive and henceforth, any league organizer that allows registered players of the Sierra Leone Premier League and the Western Area Football Association Division One League Competition to take part in their mini-leagues will be suspended from organizing football competitions,” he said..

Some fans and mini league organizers, are disappointed at WAFA Secretariat because the individual players should be held responsible and not the organisers of mini leagues.

They also mentioned that the Premier League Clubs and Division One Clubs should also make it know to their players that they should not be seen in mini leagues.

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