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Monday, 27 May 2019

Holy Spirit Hospital To Offer Free Surgery

In a bid to improve health services in Sierra Leone, the Holy Spirit Hospital has said on Monday May 27, 2019,that a team of reconstructive plastic surgeons from Ghana will be in the country to perform surgical operations at the Holy Spirit Catholic Hospital, Masuba inMakeni from Saturday 8th June to Friday 14th June 2019.

“The administration of the Holy Spirit Hospital is to informs the General Public that Surgical Intervention is FREE! But however, patients will be asked to pay for related surgical amenities like registration, X-ray, laboratory investigation and drugs & dressing material inclusively.

The operation will be for persons with congenital problems (problem from birth) or acquired problems (accident injuries) such as varied burn injuries, post burn contracture causing deformity, keloid, skin grafting and other related health problems.

The Holy Spirit Hospital is known for its Numerous Successful and Free operation in Sierra Leone in the past years.

Holy spirit Hospital is a well-recognized Medical Facility in the North Region of Sierra Leone. it initially Started Operation in 2002 as a Small Clinic established by the Bishop of the Catholic Diocese in Collaboration with Italy, Over the years several extension has being made in the structure in that veins the hospital can now boasts of Admission wards of Seventy Beds ,Theatre,Laboratory and Pharmacy for its growing medical seekers.

The holy spirit hospital welcome qualified medical practitioner volunteers who came to offer mostly free surgeries to patient who cannot afford it.

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